A warm welcome to The Pigsty
from Hellen and Rich

We’ve put together this little guide to help settle you into your cottage. It includes some key information, house rules, key contacts and manuals for your devices.

You should be able to find information here to answer most questions, but if not please feel free to call or WhatsApp us: 
Rich: 07878195227
Hellen: 07311445012

About Us
Rich and I both grew up loving the great outdoors, and when we first met in Hong Kong it was this love of nature that brought us together. From early on Rich kept talking about his dream about buying somewhere in the middle of nowhere; somewhere that needed lots of work, somewhere we could invite people to come and stay and enjoy an outdoor life. We kept talking and eventually our conversations turned into plans. 

After becoming parents, our plans got fast forwarded by about 10 years. Richard and I believed that we should provide our son, Arthur, a better place to live than our 300 square foot apartment in Hong Kong, somewhere he could grow up and have a childhood like we both had. 

We began our search for somewhere to live, but even agreeing on what we wanted was a challenge. Rich was adamant that we should be in the middle of nowhere whereas I wanted to still be able to pop to the shops if I wanted to. It felt like we wouldn’t be able to find somewhere to suit both of is. Then, in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, we were lucky enough to spot this place. It gave us 3 acres of land, a couple of 170-year-old Cornish cottages and a converted pig barn. Yes, it is true that we are situated in a rural area, and we get that isolated feeling; however, happily we’re just 2 minutes away from the village pub, 3 minutes away from a huge supermarket, 5 minutes away from Penryn where you can easily spend a day strolling around and 10 minutes away from Falmouth where you can be surrounded by the sea.

We love it here, and we hope you’ll enjoy your time here too. 

If you would like to know more about Cornish Vistas, please do not hesitate to ask us. And we’d always love to hear your thoughts about what else we should be doing with this place. Everything starts with a conversation!

Richard, Arthur and I sincerely hope you have a wonderful stay with us and enjoy your holiday in Cornwall.


The Pigsty essentials: 

Internet: There is a mini-hub (a small black box) on the television stand. Please do not move or remove from The Pigsty as the hub shares WiFi with Little Avalon. Look for WiFI network name ‘BT_Mini_Hub_3844_2.4GHz. The WiFi password is: DhUmiCbgwqQK
If you log into any accounts whilst here (eg. Netflix on the TV) please make sure to logout before you leave. 
Waste: Dustbins are situated next to the garage. Please use the black round ones for general waste and ensure the lids are on securely. If all the bins are full, please let us know.
Please do not leave food or waste lying around and clean up thoroughly after dining, particularly outside. Food scraps can entice wild animals and vermin.  
Recycling: You have recycling bins in your cottage. Please use them according to the labels on each bin. All recycled waste should be cleaned before being put into the bins. At the end of your stay transfer recyclable waste into the black recycle bins next to the garages. 
Septic tank: No sanitary items or nappies should be put in the toilet as they will cause problems with the septic tank on the premises.
Hot water: The Pigsty has an immersion heater which is set on a timer to provide you with enough hot water. If you experience that there is insufficient hot water please let us know, but be aware that the amount of hot water is limited to the size of the hot water tank (and once emptied the new water needs to be heated).  
Washing:  Should you wash clothes in the machine provided, please feel free to hang washing on the line in front of the parking area. 
Breakages: We understand that sometimes accidents happen! Should you break anything please let us know immediately; if it’s minor we won’t charge. If it’s a larger issue (eg. a television) we’d like to agree the cost with you before you leave to avoid any issues later.  Thank you!
Visitors: Only guests registered are allowed on the property. 
There are wall mounted heaters in The Pigsty. To activate turn on at the switch and press the on button. Please switch off if you leave the house. 
Wetsuits: Please do not wash out wetsuits in the shower; this will cause sand to sediment at the base of our septic tank. For cleaning wetsuits please use the hosepipe and large grey bucket located near the entrance. Please use the washing line to air dry your wetsuits. 

In case of medical attention, you can contact the following (click for link):

Penryn Surgery 01326 372502 
Trescobeas Surgery 01326 315615 
West Country Dental Care 03334 050290 

Leaving the driveway

Use the mirror when leaving the drive and always creep out slowly so that oncoming cars can see you just in case you cannot see them. 
Unfortunately some drivers drive fast along Antron Hill so please take care when exiting!


Manuals (click for link)

Washing Machine Manual

BEKO The Pigsty

Samsung Smart TV

DAB Radio

Recommended places to eat (click for link)

The New Inn [MAP] – Your local for the week. Good pub food 10 mins walk down the road in Mabe
Bango [MAP]– Asian fusion food in Penryn
Red Chilli [MAP]– Excellent Indian food in Penryn (they also deliver) 
Nemo’s Fish & Chips [MAP] – In our opinion the best in the area!
Pip’s Pasties & Cafe [MAP] – Often mentioned in dispatches as Cornwall’s best pasty. Nice and peppery, we wouldn’t disagree with that claim!

And finally, a request!

We’re just starting out on our adventure with Cornish Vistas, so please let us know any comments you have about your stay, or any improvements you think we can make. Your feedback is a gift to us!

It’d also be wonderful if you could leave a review on either our Facebook page [LINK]  (which is also a great place to keep up to date with our various projects as we establish the place), or our Guestbook (which is linked to our Google profile [LINK]). It only takes a few minutes and helps other guests benefit from your experience and advice. This could be your thoughts on the cottages, or even great places you discovered during your stay. 

Also, please hashtag photos of your stay on social; #cornishvistas

Thank you, and have a wonderful stay!